Handcrafted bows, either copied from historical examples or newly designed in cooperation with musicians. Made out of the very best of woods and precious metals in the ancient heart of medieval Zutphen, Netherlands.

Like any musical instrument a bow is a tool in the ultimate sense; materials are chosen not for their fanciness but because they serve their purpose best. The shape and character are the result of centuries of trial and error rather than a result of theoretical design.

The performance of every particular bow is the unique outcome of the materials used together with time honoured working methods. In my shop I stock a wide range of my baroque and classical bows.

After a commission I usually make several bows to allow the musician a choice. In the EU I can send bows on approval. Also I can make a copy of a bow, provided I can measure the original myself.

If elephant ivory is used, it is old and comes from broken, very ugly statuettes. Of course I also use mammoth and artificial ivory.